Below are a list of all the projects in which Dalton has had some involvement.  We are still working on bringing you a comprehensive list and completing his new site, so check back regularly.

  -  A young and brilliant man finds out, all too painfully, the full impact of failure. But could anything have prepared him for learning the lesson this way?

 "Everything Grows"
-  A simple Sim meets an open minded and fanciful stranger.  Her life philosophies seem very far fetched but will what she has to say change his world or send him running?

"Into the Silence"

- Dalton Anderson makes his directing debut in this moving and shocking story of one man's battle with depression.

 "The Bald Truth"

- A low budget, high octane B-Movie about one Doctor's search for a cure to Simian baldness.  If you are looking for crazy fun, look no further!

"Dark Rising"

- When two men bring home a seemingly harmless souvenier from their travels they could have had no idea how it was going to change their lives.

"Blacker Than White"

Things are never what they seem.  And obvious choices aren't always easy to make.